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Attending a Sky Blue FC game with my Daughter was fun and inspirational

Kelley O'hara corner kick
Kelley O’Hara Corner Kick

The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has been around since 2013, but sadly, I had yet to attend a game. That came to an end recently when I made it to a Sky Blue FC game, which plays at Rutgers University. The game took place on a Saturday evening, so we made it to the field in about an hour and 20 minutes from our home in Queens. After being at the game for about 2 minutes, I wished I had been attending games with my daughter since the inaugural season.

Bleacher seats are only $19 and the seats are very close to the action. On-field seating can be purchased for $60. My daughter and I had the luxury of having press passes and we moved back and forth between the bleachers and the field and can confirm that there isn’t a bad place to sit in the stadium. Actually, sitting further up may be best because you can see the whole field and without your view obstructed by the team benches.


After games, players walk up to the fence and sign autographs for the fans. I was impressed by how much time the players gave the fans after the game. My daughter was able to get quite a few autographs after the game and the players made her day by talking with her.

As a dad of 2 girls (and 2 boys), I am hoping that the NWSL continues to thrive and showcase the great athletes within the league. My daughter loves soccer – we are a soccer family and her love of the game only increased during the Women’s World Cup. It was great fun watching my daughter’s face completely light up with excitement as she cheered on her favorite pro soccer team. Hopefully, girls will continue to be inspired by these athletes and chase their dreams, just as the players they watch on the field are doing.

If you live in or are visiting the metro NYC area, you have one more chance, on August 22, to see the Sky Blue play this season. I hope to see many more games next year in NJ, but also am planning to see the many other teams play on their home (grass) fields.

Christie Rampone
Christie Rampone
Aubrey Bledsoe
Aubrey Bledsoe






Disclaimer: My daugher and I were given passes to the game for writing this post and an interview.

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