Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow: Toy Review

air huntressDo you have a little Catniss Everdeen in your home? Is she so confident in her skills that she would gladly volunteer as Tribute? Then the Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow should be on your holiday shopping list. My daughter hasn’t seen the Hunger Games movies, but she is ready to take on anyone. While bows and guns have long been marketed to boys, this one is for the girls. (You guessed it, it’s pink.) Now when my sons pull out their nerf guns for target practice or a neighborhood brawl, she plays along with her Firetek Bow. And I can hear her firing away at the wall in her bedroom for long periods of time.

The Z-Curve Bow is similar to a traditional bow and arrow, but like many other Zing toys, the arrow hooks into a bungy-like sling. I have loved other Zing toys that are similar to the Bow and this is another well-made toy from the company. And while it’s pink, that hasn’t stopped my sons or the neighborhood boys from begging for a turn.

If fired within close proximity, the arrow can pack a real thud. I am raising a family of bruisers and nobody has complained yet from being hit though. I have taken my fair share of hits and have lived to battle another day. While the arrows have blunted padded ends, they still should not be aimed at the eyes (or do what we do and give your kids goggles when they head out to battle).

I realize that weapon-like toys are not for everyone. We have discussed the use of these types of toys with our kids and encourage their imagination, but put limits on how they are permitted to use them. (For instance, the word “kill” is not allowed during battle, or at all really.) If you are a parent that is concerned about these types of toys, then this toy isn’t for you, unless you use it only for target practice.


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