Britax B Agile / B Safe 35 Elite Travel System: Product Review

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One of the most important purchases a family makes as they prepare for a baby’s arrival is a stroller. And after having 4 kids, I think I qualify as an expert in the stroller department. Okay, expert might be pushing it, but regardless, I have walked many, many miles while pushing kids around. Without a good stroller, a new family could be stuck inside or stuck walking awkwardly down the street as they push a stroller with messed up wheels or one that easily falls apart.

My family has been using Britax strollers for years now. Baby number 4 is riding in style in her B Agile / B Safe 35 Elite Travel System. Of all the strollers we’ve had, this is my favorite because her Britax B Safe 35 car seat can easily be snapped into the stroller and removed just as easily to click into the car seat base. And since the stroller folds up quickly and compactly, I can quickly get on my way whether strolling or driving. (The Britax B Safe 35 infant car seat is also our favorite infant car seat among those we’ve had. It adjusts easily for a growing child and has support in all the right places.)

Photo courtesy of Joshua Brandenburg from
Photo courtesy of Joshua Brandenburg from

What I love the most about the stroller, though, is its durability. Because I live in New York City, I am extremely rough on strollers. One minute I’m walking over uneven paved sidewalks, and the next I’m bumping the stroller up the subway stairs. Parenting in NYC has many obstacles, and without a good stroller, I’m not sure that I could manage. To top it off, the Brtitax B Agile stroller has a single high handle, easy maneuverability with a tight turning radius, and a large undercarriage basket.  When you use your stroller more than your car, these are all important considerations.

The stroller also looks great and compliments my daughter’s natural beauty quite nicely. How could I put something so precious in a bleh stroller? Right? I live in NYC, I want my family to look good!

Since I have a 3 year old, we picked up a stroller board as an extra attachment. That way, he can ride along when his legs tire walking through zoos or make the long trip to piano lessons.

If you are planning on purchasing a stroller any time soon, I highly recommend visiting and perusing through their inventory. And as you choose your stroller, think about how much you’ll be using it, where you’ll take it, and how often you’ll be lifting it.

*Disclaimer: I received a stroller for my review. The thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.


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  1. did you find this car seat (35 elite) to be too small once your daughter got a bit bigger? I have read a lot of complaints that it’s too narrow and uncomfortable and the head rest safety padding squishes them… just wondering your thoughts.

    1. My daughter is still small, so it hasn’t been an issue. The head rest padding is removable, so I will probably remove the padding if it becomes an issue. We have driven all over the US and the seat continues to fit my daughter comfortably.

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