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My Name is Bob, by James Bowen: Book Review

my name is bob My Name Is Bob

 Authors: James Bowen & Garry Jenkins

 Illustrator: Gerald Kelley

 Publisher: Barron’s Educational

 Price: $16.99


James Bowen was once a homeless street musician who found a cat, which ended up changing his life forever. He wrote about this change in his biography, The World According to Bob. Bob would wear a scarf and sit by James’s side as James played his guitar on the streets of London. The site of the two became a well-known attraction and set the stage for James to write his book.

In My Name is Bob, the cat’s side of the story is told. The story begins in the cat’s former home, where he was looked after by an elderly lady. Due to unfortunate circumstances (the lady was really old) Bob finds himself out on the streets with no food or shelter. As luck would happen, Bob meets James and their future is altered forever.

All 3 of my kids (Ages 9, 7, and 2) were entertained by this story, especially my 7 year old daughter. It has quickly become the favorite go to book in the house.

* The publisher provided copies for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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