Dress Better/Feel Better: Lee Jeans review

lee JeansIf you’re a parent, I bet you can relate to this scenario:  You’ve spent the day cleaning and taking care of your children and need to run out for something. So you throw on any old pair of pants and a shirt and head out the door. Your kids are looking great, but you, on the other hand, are a mess. That’s been me, and as I walk through the stores, my tired sloppiness is met by sympathetic looks.

Self-respect was tossed out the door long ago.

But at the beginning of the summer, I decided I had had enough of looking like my old grunge days. I’d heard that when someone takes a little bit of time putting themselves together, they feel better about themselves. So I got rid of the old jeans with the holes my wife had been begging me to ditch for years.

Luckily for me, Lee jeans have lately come into my life in abundance. Lee jeans, like a lot of other jeans, come in loose, relaxed, slim, and regular. I’m a slender guy, so I like to go for the slim fit. If I wear relaxed or loose fit jeans, I end up looking like I’m trying to revive the 90s baggy jean fad. But if you’re into JNCO or just prefer something a little looser, then go for it. It isn’t for me.

And since I’m not a carpenter and have no plans on wielding a hammer any time soon, I stay away from carpenter jeans as well.

I travel a lot and can find myself at a park one minute and an upscale restaurant the next. Slim fit or regular jeans are appropriate for both. (I’ve noticed that I appear underdressed when wearing relaxed or loose jeans in nicer settings). I like to go with Lee’s Premium Style or Modern Series. With these styles, I can go from wearing a t-shirt in the park to throwing on a jacket over a dress shirt for the restaurant.

In the past, my jeans have come in one color… blue. But I’ve lately learned that jeans come in more colors; there are red, gray, green, and black jeans to choose from. (Lee has fancier names for the colors, but I’ll stick with those descriptions.) While I was initially reluctant to try green jeans, once I embraced it and wore them with confidence, I realized that I felt much more inspired by my wardrobe.

I’m probably not the only one who is still wearing jeans that should have been tossed long ago. If I had to guess, the number one go-to item of clothing for a parent is jeans. We’re not going to throw on a suit to run around with our kids, after all. We want something that is easy and durable and jeans fit that description. And now I know that jeans can look good too.

Since undergoing my wardrobe transformation, I discovered that what they say is true; I found my overall attitude was better once I started caring more about my appearance. That is until a baby spits up on you or a toddler pees all over your brand new jeans. But hey, another benefit of jeans? They clean up nicely.

* The company provided samples of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.


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