Kidz Bop Launches New Channel and Releases New Album

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We introduced our children to music within their first few moments of life. My son was born back when mix CDs were still a thing and I had made one for our family to enjoy together in the hospital.  I did the same for my daughter.

When I decided to be a stay-at-home dad, music became an even bigger part of my family’s life. Almost every day began with a dance party. But as my kids got older, they decided that dad shouldn’t dance so much. On occasion though, I’ll still bust a move much to their embarrassment. I can’t wait to chaperone their High School dances. They still have those, right?

Music continues to be a big part of our lives. My wife and I listen to a variety of musical genres in our home, but like most kids, ours prefer pop music. My son has become such a fan of pop music that the only gift he requested for his ninth birthday was Kidz Bop 24. So when I was invited to a release party for Kidz Bop 25, I had to bring my two older kids along. And let me tell you, the kids from Kidz Bop have musical talent.

Before I had kids, I scoffed at Kidz Bop as a silly imitation, but now I realize that Kidz Bop is not meant for me and it doesn’t really matter if I like it.  It’s about kids – primarily kids under the age of 10 at that.

So what do my kids (ages 7 and 9) think of Kidz Bop 25?  They love it, of course.  It’s all they’ve been listening to since we got back from the event.  And I don’t mind, since Kidz Bop sanitizes the lyrics to remove swear words, sexually explicit lyrics, and references to violence.  For example, Kidz Bop 24 changes the line in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s Thrift Shop reading “Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition, / Fifty dollars for a T-shirt that’s just some ignorant b*tch s**t,” is changed to “Fifty dollars for a T-shirt, that’s just silly overpriced.”  Parents might actually enjoy listening to the tracks just to catch the subtle lyric changes throughout.

Kidz Bop also films music videos so the younger audience can watch kids dancing and singing songs like Wrecking Ball instead of Miley Cyrus swinging nude on one. As of right now, though, there is not a Kidz Bop Wrecking Ball video available.

Recently, the new Kidz Bop kids filmed a video and TV spot where they collaborated with Universal Studios and Despicable Me 2. As part of this collaboration, one lucky entrant and their family will win a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood to attend the Spring 2014 grand opening of the new “Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem” ride. To enter this contest, click here: Visitors to the page also have the potential to earn some digital Minion “swag.” Since my kids have yet to make the trip to Universal Studios, I’m hoping we are the lucky ones. So maybe I shouldn’t have told you so the odds would be in our favor.

Kidz Bop 25 is available in stores and on iTunes and includes songs such as Roar, Best Song Ever, and my toddler’s favorite, What Does the Fox Say, among others.  You can also listen to the Kidz Bop’s weekly radio show, Kidz Bop Block Party, on SiriusXM channel 77 (Kids Place Live), every Friday at 6PM EST.

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