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Beware of Dolphins: They lead you on then leave you behind

We gazed into one another’s eyes and felt there was something special going on. He advanced closer as did I. My body began to move side to side with the beat of the rhythm playing from a nearby thatched-roof bar. We danced slowly with my arms spread out wide. It was awkward at first, but with our bodies close, familiarity set in. I didn’t want to rush it because I was in unfamiliar waters. This was my first time. Our dancing stopped, and I wrapped my arms around his body. I squeezed him tighter than I expected. He let out a squeal letting me know that maybe that was enough. I released, but he wasn’t ready to go. We lingered to beam at one another and as I turned my head, a lengthy kiss lingered on my cheek. Looking at me for a reply, I returned the favor. Then, within seconds, Nico was gone.

 Then he leaped back up and splashed around causing smelly fish water to drip down my face.

So obviously I’m talking about swimming with dolphins. Three of my youngest children and I went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and one of our stops was in Costa Maya, Mexico. We went on the Dolphin Encounter since my kids have watched a Dolphin Tale a gazillion times.
We arrived at the Encounter and my kids were super excited. They provided instructions on how to sign to the dolphins and some history on the work the organization is doing to protect Dolphins in the wild and how they treat dolphins.

My youngest two were too short to swim with the dolphins, but they could stand with me on a ledge in the water. Since everyone wears life jackets, they floated next to me while I held onto them. There were 10 people in our group and one by one, the dolphin came by to entertain us. My youngest daughter was over the moon by being in the water with the dolphin. She talks about her the Dolphin Encounter to random strangers all the time.

For those with kids that can’t get enough of Dolphin Tale or love dolphins, Dolphin Encounters are at many ports in the Caribbean. If you are taking a Royal Caribbean Cruise, it is simple to get from the ship to visit the dolphins.

Beware though, those dolphins will lead you on, the leave you behind. Don’t get too attached.

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