Faith Parenting

What we can learn from Jesus’ other dad

One Good Dad

My grandfather was a carpenter. He was short, but his hands were big and strong. His back and shoulders were equally strong. I watched him pick up large objects over and over again. Sadly, he passed away years ago, but the images of his strength will always be with me.

His strength wasn’t the only thing I remember though. He was self-sacrificing, loving, and good natured.

My grandfather wasn’t the only carpenter I’ve known; there are others and almost all of them have an amazing amount of strength and an eye for detail. Like my grandfather, they also have strength of character. Maybe there’s something in carpenters’ blood that causes them to be this way. Carpenters obviously have to be physically strong, but I’m not sure where the strength of character comes from. Maybe it has to do with the way they must carefully look across a board and make…

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