In celebration of Movember, 15 of the greatest mustaches.

One Good Dad

I was invited by the NYC Dad’s Group, Life of Dad, and Dad2Summit to join their Movember team.  Movember is a time when men all over the world grow mustaches for the month of November to assist in bringing awareness to men’s health issues, in particular to prostate and testicular cancer. To donate, click here.

As I grow out my stache for this month, it got me thinking about some of the great mustaches that have warmed the upper lip. Since I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10, I had to go with 15. Even that was difficult to do.



This darn good doon-diddly mustache belongs to Homer Simpson’s neighbor Ned Flanders. Some of Homer’s dislike for Ned might be due to some deep hidden mustache envy.



Mike Ditka without a mustache would be like the world without dirt. The former…

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