Is Deadpool appropriate for kids?


Deadpool poster

In my other reviews, I usually state parents are the ultimate authority on what is appropriate for their children. With Deadpool, I’m not sure that the movie is appropriate even for me.

Here’s what to expect in this movie: a scene in a strip club, full frontal female nudity, male nudity,  lots of sex, masturbation, exploding brains, severed limbs, an impaling, torture, stabbings, many F-words, and a lot of other swear words.

In other words, not the kind of movie you want to watch with your kids.

The Deadpool comic book has always been for more mature readers, which is why many fans were upset about the watered-down version in Wolverine Origins.  Those angry fans will have their appetites satiated with plenty of gratuitous sex and violence.

What age do I recommend for this move? I’m not sure there is an appropriate age. Maybe 90? No, not 90. The film could give an elderly person a heart attack. So let’s just agree that kids should not see this movie. Do not be tempted to think, “I’ll cover their eyes and ears during the mature scenes.” If you do that, they’ll be covered almost the whole film. Also, do not think, “My kid is mature enough to handle this film.” If you say that, it is probably more about you seeing it, so hire a sitter and leave the kids at home.

In a nutshell, don’t take kids to this R-Rated movie.

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