My morning conversation with my daughter about nuts

I’m going on vacation today and my blogging will take a brief hiatus. Occasionally I’ll reblog some of my favorite posts during this time. This is one about discussing the male anatomy with my then 6 year old daughter.

One Good Dad

Like most families, getting my kids out the door and on their way to school can be a stressful situation. I can actually feel strands of my hair turning gray and falling out each and every morning. This morning was no different. Actually, the morning started off well. I was able to get my 8 and 6 year old up and dressed at a reasonable time, while my one year old clung to my leg. Breakfast was made and served, but then time began to get away from us. Teeth were brushed in a hurry, coats thrown on, and book bags assembled. Then, of course, the one year old dropped a bomb in his diaper. After dealing with that, we were finally out the door.

Now you’d think this post was about getting the kids off to school wouldn’t you? You’re wrong. This post is about the conversation I had…

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