sholaRarely do I review a doll that I am genuinely thrilled about, but I must use that word when describing Shola, a Hearts For Hearts doll from Playmates Toys.

Hearts For Hearts dolls is a line of dolls based on stories about girls from various parts of the world. Shola, my daughter’s doll, comes from Afghanistan, where she has been a witness to war and has lost all of her family members accept for a sister. Shola and her sister join the circus where she finds some peace as a performer and enjoys bringing hope to other children.  Other dolls hail from Laos, Ethiopia, Louisiana, Brazil, India, Appalachia, Belarus, India, and Mexico.  The dolls are culturally accurate, without relying on simple stereotypes and caricatures.

Shola’s story is mature, but  my 7 year old daughter was ready for the story and is familiar with the war in Afghanistan. The doll will help bring her a new awareness to what other girls are going through around the world. Providing our children a connection to the broader world through play can be an amazing gift we give.

The dolls are also beautiful, well made, and move easily. A book, comb, and a necklace for the owner comes within each box.

One dollar for every doll purchased is donated to World Vision which is an organization that is “building a better world for children and their families and communities in the United States and around the world. World Vision does this through education, water, and hygiene, microenterprise, community development, and disaster relief.”

Pros: Not only are the dolls beautiful, but they also provide a good message.

Cons: The clothes look a little different than the ones on the packaging, but they are still beautiful none the less.

Price: $27.99

Ages: 6-12

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* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.