micro touch oneThe last time I went to a barber for a shave, my face was lathered up and then a one blade razor slid along my face cutting off all my whiskers. It was the best shave of my life. Which caused me to wonder, “Why does my razor have so many blades?” Often times you’ll see a commercial that says something similar to, “The first blade catches part of the hair and the second blade will shave it off at the face.” I’m not sure what the third, fourth, or even fifth blade does.  It makes me think of old SNL or MadTV commercials.

The Micro Touch One razor has one blade, just one, and is similar to your friendly barber shop razor. In fact, the last time I went to see a barber for a shave, he used a razor like Micro Touch One. The Micro Touch One razor gave me the closest shave that I’ve gotten at home and does get very close to the skin.

Here’s a warning though, take your time while using this razor. Often times I shave in a hurry because a tiny hand is knocking on the bathroom door, requiring my attention. I end up running through a shave. You can’t do this with this razor, though. Unfortunately for my face, I did this one day and paid for it with a few cuts. This razor is for those that have the time for a luxurious shave. Also, if you have a face like mine, which means not box-like, then it might take time getting used to it. Be careful going around the curves of your face, or you too could get some nicks.

Pros: Micro Touch One provided with me with the closest shave that I have received outside of a barber’s chair.

Cons: The unbendable razor is unforgiving around curves and takes some time and dexterity to get used to. Also, the razor is for those that look at shaving as an experience and not a necessity.

Price: $19.99

* The company provided a sample of the product for my review, but I was not compensated and the opinions are my own.