Toilet Tales: Book Reviews

Captain of the toiletqueen of the toiletAuthor: Rose Inserra

Illustrator: Mark Chambers

Publisher: Barrons

Price: $8.99





Toilet training is a challenge.  Desperate parents will do almost anything to make the transition out of diapers easier (we bribed our kids with M&Ms).  Two new board books, both written by Rose Inserra and Illustrated by Mark Chambers, cater to the desperate potty-training crowd. In the books Captain of the Toilet! (geared toward boys) and Queen of the Toilet! (geared toward girls), parents assist their imaginative children with using the potty.

The book is a great way to introduce toddlers, of which I am a parent, to using the potty. I appreciated that in both books, the kids show an interest in using a toilet like their parents. The book also has a button in it that sounds like a toilet flushing when pressed. Toddlers will enjoy pressing it.

I also enjoyed the enthusiasm that the parents show in potty training. I never thought when I was 18 that I would be clapping and jumping up and down because a kid peed in a toilet, but there you have it.