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Friendly Day, by Mij Kelly: Book Review

Friendly DayFriendly Day

Author: Mij Kelly

Illustrator: Charles Fuge

Publisher: Barron’s

Price: $8.99

Ever wonder what it would be like if everyone got along for at least one day of the year? In Friendly Day, mouse tricks the cat into believing that it happens and describes a day where animals of all kinds get along and help each other instead of fighting.



Cat cried, “Yes! Yes! And sharks play

Chess with all the little fishes,

and old grey Moose pours orange juice

for anyone that wishes.”

 This is a fun book to read and toddlers will enjoy pointing out all the animals doing silly things. Now, to apply this story to real life and have a day where we all help one another instead of fighting, that’s another matter.


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