I’ve got a very active 8 year old son who loves all things sports. Often times, when we are having an outing as a family, I forget the bag of balls or other sporting equipment that he likes to play with as I attempt to get all three of my children out the door without any issues. So I am always interested in finding small things that can occupy his time and that he can manage and remember to bring himself. The Myachi Hand Sack is that thing. Think of it as a flat Hacky Sack. It can be juggled, tossed, and caught, but the rules state that you can’t use the palms of your hands, which make it challenging. You can also buy Battle Paddles to play a game on your dining room table or ping pong table. My son has already taken his new Myachi sack to school to play with at recess and gym time and it was a hit with his classmates.


Rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 7

The Myachi Hand Sack can be taken anywhere and provide competition or standalone entertainment.