How To Be A Good Husband in 3,650 days. (Plus 2 Leap Days)

A year ago I posted this blog in celebrating my anniversary. I didn’t have time to write another blog about my anniversary so just add 365 days to this one.

One Good Dad

Today my wife and I celebrate 10 years of marriage. 9 lovely years of marriage… Hmm, who am I kidding? Let’s go with 8 ½ years of happy marriage. That’s more like it. Like many people, I thought marriage would be pretty easy stuff. You marry the person you’re in love with and then live happily ever after. Things don’t change much. You’re still the same person, but with another person hanging around. All that matters is at the end of the day you come home and sleep in the same bed. That was what I thought the key to a good marriage was. Of course I knew that it was a hugely important decision that I was making. My puking 4 times on the way to the church proves that. So on October 13, 2001, I stood before my friends, family, and God and said the words, “I do.”

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